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Dormitory 15
(For Male Graduate Students)

Single Rooms (min. 2.35 x 3.00 m.) (max. 3.65 x 2.50 m.)
Double Rooms (min. 3.20 x 2.70 m.) (max. 4.00 x 2.50 m.)

Room Plan - Floor Plan


Basement + Entrance + 4 Resident Floors

# of Rooms on Each Floor

Entrance floor - 5 rooms,
1. and 3. floors - 7 rooms,
2. and 4. floors - 6 rooms

Maximum Capacity 56 students

Common Areas on Each Floor

Basement Floor

Study Room
TV Room
Game Area
Storage Room
Laundry + Ironing Room

Entrance Floor

Resident Rooms
Bathroom & Restroom
Lounge + Kitchen

Resident Floors

Resident Rooms
Bathroom & Restroom
Lounge + Kitchen

Corridor Flooring Carpet / Tilestone
Room Flooring Carpet
Standard Room Furniture

Bunk beds, double-door wardrobe, study desk, bookcase, office chair, mini refrigerator

Supplied Bedding and Linens

Mattress, pillow, pillowcase, bedsheet, quiltcase, blanket and cotton & tulle curtains

Electrical Appliances in Kitchens

Toaster Oven
Microwave Oven

Kitchen Furnitures

Dining Table and Chairs
Sink Counter with Cupboards

Game Area

Various games


Washing Machines and Dryers


Lighted Grounds and Car parking facilities

Heating Central Heating
Hot Water 24 hours continuous
Fire Safety Systems

Fire Alarm System
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Emergency Exit Signage

TV Facilities

TV Room (Satellite TV)


Public phone in dormitory entrance House phone in each resident room

Internet Connection

All student rooms have UTP connections to Bilkent University's network, which provides high speed (1 Gb) unlimited access to Internet for academic purposes, at no charge. If requested, wireless routers are also provided. Wireless internet access is also provided in common study room.

Cleaning Services

All areas of dorms, including student rooms, are cleaned regularly by our ISO certificated contractors, according to health and hygiene regulations.


Provided 24 hours a day by means of the electronic entrance and camera systems set at building entrances, under supervision of our dormitory employees.

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Note: Bilkent University reserves the right to make changes on above facilities and services, without prior notice.


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