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We prepared a list for your contributions to support the ones who call for an aid from different cities in Turkey.

E-mail: engelsizkampus@bilkent.edu.tr

Aid Campaigns

  • We prepared a list for your contributions to support the ones who call for an aid from different cities in Turkey.

These activities include national and international campaigns to help earthquake victims, to support schools, especially those who express need for books and stationary; to disseminate information on activities carried to support charity institutions (e.g. homes for the elderly) within the scope of Social Awareness Projects; and to follow up the delivery of aid to the target groups.

Campaigns organised in the past

  • During the celebration activities of the Anniversary of the Republic on 29 October 2000, a giving campaign was organised within the scope of the “Support on Rail Project”, for the students of Hikmet Uluğbay Boarding Primary School in Polatlı.
  • Between the dates of 31 October – 11 November 2005, a joint activity was organised with the “Deniz Feneri Association”, to contribute to the giving campaign of TOG Group for Pakistan.
  • Due to the fact that it was already met by others some of the aid collected for Adıyaman Celal Bayar Primary Primary School was forwardad to the governership of Şırnak to contribute to another campaign. (for 14 primary schools in Şırnak) The remaining were transferred to Şanlıurfa “Vali Ziya Çoker” Primary School.
  • A toy giving campaign was organised for Polatlı Hikmet Uluğbay Boarding Primary School, to celebrate the students’ New Year.
  • Contribution was made to support the blue bracelet campaign of the “House of Hope” project, jointly implemented by the Hacettepe Oncological Institute Foundation, Turkish Cancer Research Foundation and International Cancer Combat Organisation.
  • In response to the request received for clothing, 30 boxes of clothing collected to support Batman Merkez 100. Yıl Primary School were sent on 15 December 2008, transportation for which was provided free of charge by MNG Cargo Company.
  • 2 boxes of books and clothing were sent to schools in the Suruç town of Şanlıurfa.
  • In response to the formal letter of Keçiören Danişment Çiçekli Primary School requesting books from our University, 5 boxes of readers and school books were sent to the school directorate.
  • In response to the formal letter of Doğubeyazıt Boarding Primary School requesting books, 8 boxes of readers and school books were sent to the relevant school.
  • In response to the request received from Şırnak Nazmiye Demirel Vocational High School for Girls, an aid campaign was organised by the Dean of Students’ Office with the deadline as 30 March 2007. 31 boxes of supplies were sent by the closure date of the campaign.

Activities Realised

An activity was organised by the Center for Students with Special Needs, to mark the Week of Handicapped 10-16 May. The programme was realised on Thursday 10 May 2007, at 2.00 pm in the FFB-06 hall at FADA, hosting Associate Prof. Dr. Kasım Karataş from Hacettepe University Social Service Department as the speaker on “Rights of the disabled in Turkey and the Law About the Disabled”, and Claire Özel, Coordinator of “Engelsiz ODTܔ (METU no Handicapped (?)) from METU with her speech on “Models of Being Handicapped”.

Additionally, Gülüm Pekcan Şimşir, Coreographer and General Art Director of the Dance Group “Devinimler Yaşama Sevinci” (Motions, Joy of Living), spoke about the activities of the group with handicapped members. The programme ended with a concert by group “Etken”, of phisically handicapped musicians.

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