Settings for Thunderbird:

The following screenshots were captured on Thunderbird ver. 3.1. Your screens might slightly differ depending on the platform and/or version of Thunderbird you use.

If you have problems in changing the settings of your Thunderbird client, you can use the new web based webmail service until you work the problems out. The new webmail system's address is : Please click here to read about the changes related to the new webmail service.

Start Thunderbird and from the "Tools" menu ("Edit" on some versions) and select "Account Settings".

Next click "Server Settings"...

Fill out the boxes in accordance with the sample screen provided below. Please do not forget to replace """ with your own e-mail address. Then click "Outgoing Server" on the left.

If your existing settings indicate IMAP and Port 143; you can leave them as they are. The sample screen below is for the POP3 protocol.

Click "Outgoing Server (SMTP)"

Select your account and click "Edit"

Please enter your FULL e-mail address for the User Name under "Security and Authentication". You will be prompted for your password when you send out your first e-mail. This outgoing password is the same password you will be using to read mail.
Finish settings with the "OK" button.