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The Bilkent MA TEFL program includes at least 30 credits of graduate course work to be completed in one academic year and the subsequent summer (from mid-September through the end of the following July).The curriculum is based on the theoretical and practical concerns of teaching English as a foreign language. The curriculum may vary slightly from one year to the next in order to accommodate students' needs and utilize the contributions of each year's faculty.In addition to completing minimum 30 hours of graduate course work, MA TEFL students complete a master's thesis based on original research by the end of the eleven-month period of instruction. This research component is designed to help students develop their analytic skills and to provide students with an opportunity for individualized study and the pursuit of particular academic interests.

Course offerings are based on three major components:

Linguistic Foundations: Linguistics, sociolinguistics, second language acquisition theory, and analysis of the English language

Pedagogy: Language teaching methodology, curriculum development, materials development, and testing

Research: Research skills for the preparation and writing of a thesis

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