21 Ocak 2001 , Turkish Daily News

Doğramacı mobilizes forces for Afghanistan

Veteran Academic İhsan Doğramacı, who recently visited Afghanistan on a mission aimed to help the restructuring of the war-wrecked country, said Turkey should not miss out on the opportunity to play an active role-there. Doğramacı a leading pediatrician and prominent civilian figure, mobilized his forces to help improve the country's ailing health and education conditions, and traveled to Kabul at the head of a four-member academician team on Jan 10. Foreign Ministry Deputy Undersecretary Ambassador Aydemir Erman, in charge of relations with Afghanistan, accompanied the team… Doğramacı said that he agreed with the Afghan administration on providing training for health and education officials. The Hacettepe, Bilkent and Istanbul Universities will provide training programs for them in Turkey, and Turkish experts will travel to Kabul for similar activities once proper accommodation conditions have been prepared, he added. Doğramacı said that he had flown to Geneva and met World Health Organization (WHO) officials there to look into the ways of helping Afghan people…

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