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Each academic department has an exchange coordinator to assist students in planning their study lists. The Office of Exchange Programs arranges a meeting with the Departmental Exchange Coordinators to provide students with the opportunity to discuss their course lists before the course registration.

Please feel free to contact your Departmental Coordinator if you have any questions about academic matters.

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

- Department of Architecture
Giorgio Gasco
E-mail: giorgio.gasco@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Communication and Design
Fulten Larlar
E-posta : fultenlarlar@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Fine Arts
Beata Zalewska Sladczyk
E-mail: beata@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Graphic Design
Birsu Semra Çeltek
E-mail: birsu@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
Yasemin Afacan
E-mail: yasemine@bilkent.edu.tr
- Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Hatice Karaca
E-mail: hkaraca@bilkent.edu.tr


Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

- Department of Economics
Nuh Aygün Dalkıran
E-mail: dalkiran@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of International Relations
Tudor Andrei Onea
E-mail: tudor.onea@bilkent.edu.tr
- Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Ioannis Grigoriadis
E-mail: ioannis@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of History
Kenneth Weisbrode
E-mail: weisbrode@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Psychology
Ausaf Ahmed Farooqui
E-mail:  ausaf.farooqui@bilkent.edu.tr


Faculty of Business Administration

- Department of Management
Ceren Aydoğmuş
E-mail: caydogmus@bilkent.edu.tr

Tolga Baycan
E-mail: ozgur.baycan@bilkent.edu.tr


Faculty of Education

- Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education
Lori Russell Dağ
E-mail: russel@bilkent.edu.tr


Faculty of Engineering

- Department of Computer Engineering
Can Alkan
E-mail:  calkan@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Tolga Çukur
E-mail: cukur@ee.bilkent.edu.tr

Burçin Çakır
E-mail: burcin@ee.bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Industrial Engineering
Emre Uzun
E-mail: emreu@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mehmet Selim Hanay
E-mail: selimhanay@bilkent.edu.tr


Faculty of Humanities and Letters

- Department of English Language and Literature
Timothy Sean Wright
E-mail: timothy.wright@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of American Culture and Literature
Joshua Constantin Bartlett
E-mail: joshua.bartlett@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Archeology and History of Art
Nebahat İlgi Gerçek
E-mail: ilgigercek@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Philosophy
Saniye Vatansever
E-mail: saniye@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Translation and Interpretation
Neda Siami
E-mail: neda.siami@bilkent.edu.tr


Faculty of Law

- Department of Law

Haluk Toroslu
E-mail:  htoroslu@bilkent.edu.tr

- Barış Özbilen
E-mail: bozbilen@bilkent.edu.tr


Faculty of Science

- Department of Mathematics
Bülent Ünal
E-mail: bulent@fen.bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Onur Çizmecioğlu
E-mail: onur.cizmecioglu@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Physics
Balazs Hetenyi
E-mail: hetenyi@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Chemistry
Emrah Özensoy
E-mail: ozensoy@bilkent.edu.tr


Faculty of Music and Performing Arts

- Department of Music
Yiğit Aydın
E-mail: yaydin@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Performing Arts
Hande Vural Johnson
E-mail:  hande.johnson@bilkent.edu.tr

School of Applied Technology and Management

- Department of Business Information Management
Güliz Esen
E-mail: gesen@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Computer Technology and Information Systems
Hamdi Murat Yıldırım
E-mail: hmurat@bilkent.edu.tr

- Department of Tourism and Hotel Management
Güneş Karamullaoğlu
E-mail: karamul@tourism.bilkent.edu.tr


Graduate School of Engineering and Science

- Program in Materials Science and Nanotechnology
Çağlar Elbüken
E-mail: elbuken@unam.bilkent.edu.tr


Graduate School of Engineering and Science

Etienne Eugene Chris Charriere
E-mail: etiennecharriere@bilkent.edu.tr

For further information please contact