Take the next step in your career with a Master’s degree in TEFL

Chair's Message

Welcome to the MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program at Bilkent University.

The program is designed to provide a platform for practising, and aspiring, teachers of English with a scholarly mindset, and for language teachers who aim to further their expertise, career and research in relation to English language provision primarily in higher education settings. To these ends, the program offers a rigorous challenging curriculum, providing a broad range of coursework, blending theoretical and practical pathways guided by the latest research based insights.

The program also requires participants to critically reflect on, and rethink, their knowledge, experience, and current issues on an ongoing basis.

Participants are deeply immersed in latest developments in education, language teaching and research in a collegial and intellectually stimulating environment.

I hope you will join us in our pursuit of professional and scholarly excellence.

Best wishes,
Necmi Aksit
Director, MA in TEFL Program
Chair, Department of English Language Teaching
Graduate School of Education