Take the next step in your career with a Master’s degree in TEFL

Program Outcomes

  1. demonstrate, extend and use professional content knowledge in the field and in multi-disciplinary contexts
  2. deliberate about the building blocks of, and the interaction among, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and evaluation.
  3. analyse and critique the theory and practice of EFL teaching methods and strategies
  4. analyse, critique, and apply principles of curriculum design, development and evaluation
  5. construct, use and critically evaluate language assessment tools for assessing student learning
  6. design, prepare and critically evaluate integrated language teaching materials to enhance effective teaching and learning
  7. examine and critique theories of second language learning and acquisition
  8. exchange views on own research and professional activities, both orally and in writing
  9. conduct, and report in English, independent, original and ethical research, considering current development at national and international level, for providing solutions
  10. collaborate constructively with academic and professional communities, and lead change
  11. use information and education technology to support teaching, learning and wider professional activities
  12. assess and develop strategic plans and policy documents in the field, considering current developments and national values.