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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you're just thinking about applying for the MA TEFL Program, or you've received your acceptance letter to join us, you're sure to have many questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. What makes this program different from the other programs?
The Master of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) at Bilkent University was established in 1987 to enhance the quality of English language instruction in Turkey. It is now firmly established as one of the premier TEFL programs, with an emphasis on research, and professional development of practising and aspiring teachers. Over 30 years, hundreds of teachers from around the country and region have successfully completed the MA TEFL program. Bilkent University is proud of its MA TEFL graduates, who are among the leaders of English language teaching in Turkey.

2. Who can apply? The program is primarily geared towards the academic and professional development needs of teachers of English, from universities throughout Turkey, who are working as, for example, instructors/lecturers (Öğretim Görevlileri or Okutmanlar), or research assistants (Araştırma Görevlileri). Application is also open to all local and international EFL or ESL instructors.

3. How do I apply to the program?
Application is online.

4. Is prior teaching experience required?
Prior teaching experience is not required but strongly recommended.

5. What are the entry requirements? You can find all application requirements on the Application Requirements page of our website. Your application is considered complete, and ready for review when the following are received: an online application; all supplemental materials.

6. Is your program full-time or part-time? Can I apply for part-time study? It is both full-time and part-time. Practising teachers usually participate part-time, completing all coursework in four semesters, and the thesis afterwards. Full-time participants usually complete the program in three to four semesters.

7. How demanding is the MA TEFL Program? Both full-time and part-time participants need to be able to balance simultaneously the assignment load from challenging graduate classes each semester, and the work associated with conducting research and writing a high-quality MA thesis.

8. Is financial assistance provided?

Yes. Financial assistance is available in the form of tuition waiver (no separate application is needed). Also, a monthly allowance could be provided, which, for example, could be used for accommodation purposes, depending on the profile (applications to this end can be made to the department concerned after registration.).

9. Could you provide more information about the selection process?

Selection process is composed of several phases. In the first phase all applications are screened to check if the applicants meet the minimum academic threshold as indicated in the entry requirements. The ones who are shortlisted progress to the next phase, which includes a thorough review of the information, and supplemental materials including personal statement, provided by the applicants. This phase may also include an interview process (i.e. conversation) and/or written examination, should it be deemed necessary. Once review of the application file is completed, the candidates concerned are notified initially. The final phase includes the official approval of the university.

10. Are all applicants invited for an interview? If so, what exactly does the interview phase involve?
Applicants may be required to attend an interview (i.e. conversation) which could be conducted online or face-to-face to clarify, any supporting documents, and/or to collect more information about a candidate’s educational and academic background, work experience and/or personal statement, if necessary

11. How do you communicate the results?
Only shortlisted candidates get notified through e-mail.

12. Do you accept late applications?
Every year we have two application cycles. If one is missed, it is possible to apply for the following cycle. We don’t have rolling admissions.

13. Does TEFL program offer evening courses?
Most courses are offered after 15:30 to accommodate the needs of the practising teachers who are able to participate part-time.

14. Are there any courses offered in the summer term?
There is usually at least one course offered every summer.

15. Does TEFL program offer distance or online learning?
Our program is conducted face-to-face except when a visiting/part-time professor from another university outside Ankara/Turkey teaches a course online.

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