Department of Translation and Interpretation

Füsun Ataseven, Ph.D., Chair
Undergraduate Program

The objective of the degree program in Translation and Interpretation (4-year) is to train people to translate and interpret Turkish, English, and French. The curriculum aims to develop both oral and written translation skills by focusing on current issues, national and international politics, legal issues, economic issues, literature, and technical issues (such as those dealing with medicine and information technology).

In addition to basic translation skills, students will be given the opportunity to translate web pages, audio descriptions, audio dubbing, subtitles, and documents from EU institutions and courts as well as acquire the computer skills necessary to support such translations. At this first phase level of translation, courses are given that support document translation, consecutive translation, and simultaneous translation. At the end of their third year of study, students who want to improve their interpreting skills enter a three-lingual exam (Turkish-English-French) called "The Skill of Interpreting Exam". Students who are successful in this exam will be trained to excel in cubicle translation.

Further, students will strengthen their ability to express themselves clearly in their native Turkish language with the help of diction courses. Students can develop specialized areas of translation with the help of elective courses in sociology, law, economics or international relations.

During the summer period between the third and fourth years of study, students participate in a compulsory internship program. Generally, students do their one-month internship in enterprises such as: the Anatolian Agency, the Under-secretariat of Customs, the European Union's Ministry of Translation Coordination, the European Union and General Directorate of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Directorate General of Press and Information, ORSAM (the Middle East Strategic Research Head Office), the French Institution, as well as certified translation bureaus, and various advertisement enterprises, hotels and holiday camps.

Students who successfully complete the undergraduate program may apply for the department's EU-funded Master's in Conference Interpreting, or for other appropriate Master programs.

Department of Translation and Interpretation Faculty of Humanities and Letters – Bilkent University Ankara, TURKEY (06800)
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