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Office of Exchange Programs

Bilkent University welcomes international students from all over the world, both full-time students seeking a Bilkent degree and exchange students studying here for one or two semesters.

Bilkent has more than 300 exchange partner universities around the world and hosts more than 200 international exchange students each academic year.

The Office of Exchange Programs strives to help our international students with all administrative, academic, and practical issues. It also plays a central role in establishing and maintaining relations with international partner institutions across the world.

Contact information;
Phone: +90 312 290 1129-3157-3073

Director, Office of Exchange Programs
Erkin Tarhan
Phone: +90-312-290-1065

Exchange Student Advisor
Elif Ünsal
Phone: +90-312-290-1129

Student Advisor, Office of Exchange Programs
Buket Hatam
Phone: +90-312-290-3073

Student Advisor, Office of Exchange Programs
Beyza Makam
Phone: +90-312-290-3157


OISEP Office and Call Hours
Tuesday: 09:30-12:00, 13:30-17:00
Wednesday: 09:30-12:00, 13:30-17:00
Thursday: 13:30-17:00
Friday: 13:30-17:00

Postal Address:
Office of Exchange Programs
Bilkent University
Registrar's Office, Main Campus
06800 Bilkent, Ankara

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