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Before Departure:

Submission of a copy of invitation or acceptance letter that is received from the host institution to the Office of Exchange Programs (OISEP).

Sending the Office Memo of assignment which will be received from related Department Presidency, Dean's Office or Directorate of Applied School to the OISEP.

Submission of the invoice of the plane ticket.

Sending Work Plan (WORD) to the OIEP.

Signing and sending of Agreement (WORD) that is realized between the Bilkent University and Teaching Staff to the OISEP.

Filling the information (WORD) of teaching staff who will benefit from mobility and sending to terkin@bilkent.edu.tr by e-mail.

Sending Euro account number that will be opened in Yapı Kredi, Garanti or İş Bankası to terkin@bilkent.edu.tr by e-mail.


During your Stay:

Receiving Certificate of Attendance (WORD), which indicates realized studies at the Host Institution.


After Your Return:

Submission of Certificate of Attendance, which is received from the Host Institution, to the OISEP.

Submission of the Boarding Pass to OISEP.

Filling out and submission of Activity Report (WORD) to the Office of the OISEP.