People  (Chair, Department of English Language Teaching)

Necmi Akşit has a BSc and an MA in English Language teaching, and holds a PhD in Educational Science, all from Middle East Technical University. He began his career as a teacher of English at the Turco-British Association in 1989. He then moved to Bilkent University in 1990, and worked as instructor in the School of English Language for twelve years.  Positions held included: Curriculum Coordinator, Head of Teaching-Unit (pre-sessional courses), and Head of English Language Support Unit (in-sessional credit bearing courses). He joined the Graduate School of Education in 2002, and has been teaching pre-service and in-service teacher education courses since then. He is now Assistant Director in the Graduate School of Education, Associate Dean in the Faculty of Education, and Chair, Department of English Language Teaching. His research interests include education policy analysis, comparative education, citizenship education, content-based language instruction, and resarch synthesis.

Deniz Ortaçtepe completed her BA (in ELT) and MA degrees (in Educational Sciences) at Bogazici University, Turkey. After working in Turkey for several years both as a research assistant and as an English teacher, in 2007 she moved to the United States to pursue her doctoral degree. In May 2011, she received her doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction at State University of New York-Albany, where she was also teaching academic writing to graduate students for the last four years. Her research interests are second language socialization, professional development of teachers, intercultural pragmatics, and sociolinguistics.

Daryl York has an EdD from the University of Bath. As well as teaching English in France and Yemen, he has taught in Turkey for 30 years. He joined the Gradatue School of Education in 2007. His areas of experience and expertise are English Language Teaching, International Education and Educational Management. 

Part-time Faculty Members

Tijen Akşit has a BSc and an MA in English Language teaching, and holds a PhD in Educational Science. Dr. Aksit is also the Director of Bilkent University School of English Language. She has been teaching pre-service and in-service graduate level courses since 2003. She has also taught tertiary level general English, and English for Academic and Specific purposes classes. Her research interests include educational administration and leadership, teacher appraisal system, teacher action research, and teaching English for academic purposes. 

Hande Işıl Işık Mengü holds a Ph.D. in English Language Teaching with a concentration on Teacher Education.  She has been involved in teacher education since 2001 and has tutored on Cambridge English DELTA courses and various M.A. programs. Dr. Mengü is the Associate Director of Bilkent University School of English Language where she has held various senior management positions. Her current research interests include 21st century teacher learning and development,  EAP teacher competences and developing intercultural awareness  in language teaching. 

Elif Kantarcıoğlu completed her BSc and MA studies in English Language Teaching at Middle East Technical University. She completed her PhD at Roehampton University in 2012. She has been involved in language assessment for years and her areas of interest include test design, validation, test analysis techniques, Item Response Theory. many-facet Rasch measurement and CEFR linking. 

Robin Turner has an MA in Linguistics degree from the University of Surrey.  After some years teaching English in England and Turkey, he has  been teaching English for academic purposes in Bilkent University’s since 1993, mainly with the Faculty Academic English programme. He is also part of the Bilkent Educational Technology Support group. He has written on a variety of subjects, including linguistics, education, philosophy and popular culture.

Administrative Assistant 

Burcu Yücel 

Burcu Yücel graduated from Bilkent University,  Department of Banking and Finance in 2006. Burcu worked at Akbank and Garanti Bank, private and retail banking. In 2014, she started to work at Bilkent University as an administrative assistant at the department of Psychology. Since August of 2016, she has been working as an administrative assistant at the Faculty of Education.