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Our vision is to create a transformative educational experience that inspires educators to push the boundaries of interdisciplinary knowledge, drawing upon a multitude of research streams.

We are committed to fostering innovation in academic, disciplinary, and occupational practices, particularly regarding the provision and utilisation of language within English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) settings.

We strive to create an environment that nurtures curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, empowering researchers to contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

We encourage educators and researchers to think beyond conventional boundaries, to explore novel approaches, and to make meaningful contributions that have a positive impact on institutions and society at large, leading the way in pushing the frontiers of knowledge to guide practice.


Bilkent University, G Building, Room 269
Bilkent 06800 Ankara
Tel: 0 (312) 290 1134, 0 (312) 290 2977
E-Mail: matefl@bilkent.edu.tr
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Department of English Language Teaching