Graduate School of Education


Application Deadline:

May 23, 2021

Entry terms:

Fall & Spring 

Course requirements: 

10 credit-bearing courses 




Chair’s message



Take the next step in your career with a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language 

  • The MA in TEFL program is designed for practising and aspiring teachers of English  with a scholarly mindset.
  • It aims to  establish a theoretical and practical understanding of linguistic, pedagogical & educational foundations. 
  • It develops essential skills  to conduct research for exploring issues, and expanding knowledge in the field. 

We offer a 30-credit MA degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, which is delivered rigorously both part-time and full time  through online and face-to-face means.  In addition to completing minimum 30-credit graduate coursework, MA TEFL students complete a master's thesis based on original research. This research component is designed to help students develop their analytic skills and to provide students with an opportunity for individualized study and the pursuit of particular academic interests.

Financial assitance is available in the form of tuition waiver. A monthly allowance is provided in certain circumstances.


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