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Curriculum Components 
Welcome to the MA program in TEFL! Our program offers a comprehensive and dynamic curriculum designed to equip practising and aspiring English language educators with the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to excel in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language,
where English is taught as a foreign, second, professional or academic language.

Our curriculum consists of several key components, each carefully designed to prepare participants for successful careers and scholarly pursuits. We blend academic rigor with research driven experience to offer a unique educational experience.
The program is structured around the following 5 key curricular components:
I. Research Core (9 credits):
  • Research Methodology: Provides participants with essential research skills and methodologies necessary for conducting scholarly research in the field.
  • Academic Discourse: Fosters fundamental competencies in developing various parts of a thesis, enhancing effective written scholarly communication.
  • Thesis Writing: Equips participants with the requisite knowledge and skills needed to plan, conduct, and write a thesis for generating knowledge in the field.
  • Independent Study: Offers participants the opportunity to pursue individual research interests within the field.

II. Field Core (6 credits):
Provides a forum for in-depth discussions, critical analysis, and intellectual exchanges on specific research-informed themes or topics within the field. Allows participants to engage with current research, debates, trends alongside accompanying theoretical and conceptual frameworks in the field through focused exploration and scholarly engagement.
III. Concentration: Academic English (9 credits) :
Provides insights into the main concentration of the program: Teaching English for General and Specific Academic Purposes. Emphasizes a research-driven approach to gain insights into teaching Academic English, and develop expertise in the field.
IV. Alternative Pathways (6 credits):
Tailors coursework to specific interests or career goals within the broader field of study. This component allows participants to focus on areas that align with their academic and professional interests. Provides flexibility and customization in course selection to meet individual learning objectives.
V.  Graduate Foundations:
Required across all graduate programs, this component offers foundational skills development necessary for success in graduate studies, careers, and research endeavors.

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