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Program Outcomes
a. conduct, or demonstrate how to conduct, independent research to exhibit a comprehensive understanding and critical evaluation of the core, concepts, emerging trends, significant issues and innovative methodologies in the target areas of research.
b. use rigorous research methodologies to investigate and examine the philosophical, psychological, historical, and sociological foundations of education as lenses to explore core concepts, trends, issues and methods in the target areas of research.
c. analyze, critique, and contribute to the advancement of theories, empirical research, and policy frameworks pertaining to language, language learning, language teaching, language assessment and language curriculum development
d. engage in systematic research to critically evaluate and apply relevant theories, research findings, and policy documents related to the effective teaching of English for General and Specific Academic purposes
e. design, and rigorously evaluate, research-based language instruction, teaching materials, assessment tools, language programs and policy interventions, with a focus on addressing specific needs and challenges in academic contexts.
f. analyze, critique, and apply theories, research and policy in information and communication technology to enhance the process of teaching and learning, and wider professional and academic activities
g. cultivate a research-oriented mindset that fosters critical thinking, transformative perspectives, and innovative approaches in order to advance academic and professional knowledge in the field of English for Academic, and Specific, Purposes.
h. actively engage in scholarly discourse, disseminate research findings, and regularly contribute to research discussions
i. conduct independent and original research, incorporating national and/or international developments in the field of EAP, ESP and/or Applied Linguistics.
j. collaborate with academic and professional communities to undertake collaborative research projects, fostering interdisciplinary perspectives and contributing to the advancement of knowledge
k. demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills in presenting and disseminating research findings, engaging in academic discourse
l. exhibit advanced proficiency in academic writing, adhering to rigorous research methodologies, scholarly conventions, and publication standards


Department of English Language Teaching