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Chair’s Message
Welcome to the MA in TEFL at Bilkent University.

I warmly welcome you as we embark on a journey of excellence, driven by the pursuit of generating knowledge, and the enhancement of practical pedagogical skills. Our vision is firmly grounded in contemporary trends and research, transcending traditional approaches and boundaries to redefine the landscape of English language teaching across diverse academic academic and professional contexts and discourses.

At the core of our mission is the commitment to empower individuals, both practising and aspiring, to excel in various academic and professional milieus. In our pursuit, we aim to cultivate a community of globally engaged, critically conscious scholars, and practitioners. Together, we will actively explore ways to shape the provision of English for both general and specific academic purposes, fostering an environment that promotes excellence.

Our dedication extends beyond the classroom. We aspire to generate innovative programs and pathways aligned with various modes of English medium instruction. Additionally, we intend to spark interest in teaching English, deeply informed by the latest research streams in applied linguistics, particularly English for general and specific academic purposes. By integrating cutting-edge insights into our teaching and research methodologies, we ensure that participants receive an education that is not only comprehensive but also adaptive to the ever-evolving demands of academia, and professional environments.

Our commitment extends into the future, driving us to generate new insights, knowledge, and pedagogical practice, contributing to the advancement of the field of English language teaching, and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved.

As we embark on this journey, I invite each member of our community to actively participate, engage in dialogue, and contribute to the realization of our shared vision. Together, we can create a transformative educational experience that prepares individuals not only for academic success but also for meaningful contributions to the global society.

I look forward to a future filled with shared achievements and continuous growth, where innovation ignites and excellence shines.

Warm regards

Necmi Ak┼čit

Director, MA in TEFL
Chair, Department of ELT

Department of English Language Teaching