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Since its establishment in 1988, the Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program has been at the forefront of English language education, particularly in English medium instruction (EMI) contexts. Our program equips both practising and aspiring language educators with a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills, including solid theoretical foundation, extensive research experience, and innovative pedagogical approaches, preparing them for successful academic endeavors and careers in the field.
At its core, our program extends beyond linguistic and communicative pathways, exploring the realm of English language provision for academic and professional purposes, informed by various streams including genre theory, composition studies, and academic literacies. Through dynamic engagement with related cutting-edge research and innovative pedagogical practices, students are empowered to transcend prevalent approaches and boundaries, advancing knowledge, and innovating practice in the field of ELT.
Central to our mission is the commitment to cultivate critically conscious English language teaching (ELT) professionals and scholars who excel in diverse academic and professional settings. Building upon our foundational philosophy of academic rigor, innovative pedagogy, and critical inquiry, our program offers students a transformative journey of excellence. Immersed in a critically oriented learning environment, they emerge as reflective inquirers and practitioners, poised to make meaningful contributions to ELT, particularly in English for general and specific academic purposes, on both local and global scales.
Over three decades, our program has attracted participants from across Türkiye, and beyond, nurturing a vibrant community of practitioners with a scholarly mindset. Our alumni stand as testament to our enduring commitment to excellence, with many assuming prominent roles as researchers and leaders within Türkiye’s English language education landscape.
Looking ahead, our program remains dedicated to advancing knowledge and pedagogical practice at all levels of education, from primary to tertiary. We aspire to inspire both emerging and experienced language teachers to become pioneers, driving transformative change, and leaving a lasting impact on English language education.
We invite you to explore the opportunities offered by our TEFL program at Bilkent University, and take the next step toward realizing your academic and professional aspirations.


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Department of English Language Teaching