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About MA in TEFL Program

The Master of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) at Bilkent University was established in 1988 to enhance the quality of English language instruction in Turkey. It is now firmly established as one of the premier TEFL programs in Turkey, with an emphasis on research and on promoting the professional development of practicing teachers. Over 30 years, hundreds of teachers from around the country and region have successfully completed the MA TEFL program. Bilkent University is proud of its MA TEFL graduates, who are among the leaders of English language teaching in Turkey.

The mission of the MA TEFL program at Bilkent University is to (a) enhance the teaching of English in Turkey and elsewhere, (b) engender a professional and research awareness in the students who attend the program, and (c) further the development of English language teaching education through the efforts of its faculty, students, and graduates. The program is characterised and energised by its diverse student body.

Graduates of the MA TEFL program benefit from their educational experiences at Bilkent University in many ways. In addition to providing an English-medium educational environment for its students, the MA TEFL program strives to provide graduates with the following:

· Enhanced understanding of general educational principles
· Improvement of classroom teaching based on an understanding of linguistic theory and language learning
· Enhanced understanding of principles of curriculum development and assessment
· Improved familiarity with current developments in educational technology
· Development of research skills for the systematic analysis of issues related to language teaching and language learning
· Opportunity to develop professional contacts within the Turkish and international TEFL community.

From its earliest days, the MA TEFL program has made an effort to reach out to teachers from every corner of Turkey, and to date, we have had teachers from over 50 different universities and 7 different countries. The result of this diversity is a richer experience for all who come here. At MA TEFL the students really are the program, and it is to their credit that the program continues to thrive.



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