Take the next step in your career with a Master’s degree in TEFL

Since its inception in 1988, the Master of Arts in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) at Bilkent University has exemplified an unwavering commitment to research and innovation. What began as an initiative to enhance the quality of English language instruction in Turkey has evolved into one of the most prestigious TEFL programs in the country, with a strong focus on research, and the academic development of both practising and aspiring educators.

Over the past three decades, the MA in TEFL program has consistently upheld its dedication to research and innovation, graduating a multitude of educators from across Turkey and beyond. The program takes great pride in its alumni, many of whom have emerged as prominent researchers, and figures in the field of English language instruction in Turkey. Their contribution serve as a testament to the program's enduring commitment to excellence, and its impact on the broader educational landscape.

Throughout its history, the MA in TEFL program at Bilkent University has fostered a culture of research and innovation. It has provided students with invaluable opportunities to engage in scholarly inquiry, explore emerging trends in language education, and contribute to the advancement of pedagogical practices.

As the program looks toward the future, its unwavering commitment to research and innovation remains steadfast. Through its dedication to research excellence, the program will inspire generation of educators to become leaders, driving innovation, and making lasting impact on language education in Turkey and beyond.

Department of English Language Teaching