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The program primarily focuses on the following areas to reach the program aims and goals:

  1. Research informed specialisation
    • Research Methods
    • Thesis Seminar & Writing
  2. Specialization Areas
    • Language pedagogy and language learning with a view to
    • teaching English for General Academic Purposes
    • teaching English for Specific Academic Purposes
  3. Research Skills & Writing a Thesis
  4. Cross-curricular
  5. Teaching English for General and Specific Academic Purposes Focus: This aspect of the program is designed to cultivate research-informed perspective. It encourages students to critically examine and explore current and emerging pedagogical issues and practices in English Language Teaching (ELT), particularly in the context of teaching English for General and Specific Academic Purposes.
  6. Research & Thesis Focus: This area aims to assist students in developing solid research skills, enhancing their capacity to explore research studies, refining their academic writing skills, and empowering them to critically assess and conduct independent research with the ultimate goal of writing a thesis.
  7. Cross-curricular Focus: This dimension of the program intends to enrich students’ academic and professional journey by exposing them to a diverse range of subjects and encouraging interdisciplinary exploration

  1. To immerse students in emerging trends and innovative practices informed by the latest research in the field. 
  2. To cultivate the capacity to critically engage in systematic and independent inquiry and research. 
  3. To foster a critical and innovative mindset that transcends boundaries and expands horizons.

Department of English Language Teaching