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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Whether you're just thinking about applying for the MA TEFL Program, or you've received your acceptance letter to join us, you're sure to have many questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. What makes this program different from the other programs?
In 1988, Bilkent University introduced the Master of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) with the aim of enhancing the quality of English language instruction in Turkey. Today, the program is firmly established as one of the premier TEFL programs, prioritising research and the advancement of both practising and aspiring teachers. Over the course of three decades, the MA in TEFL program has successfully graduated numerous teachers from all over Turkey and beyond. Bilkent University takes pride in its MA TEFL alumni, many of whom are prominent figures in the field of English language instruction in Turkey.

2. Who can apply? The Master of Arts in TEFL program is for both practising, and aspiring English language educators, who aim to excel in professional and academic settings, where English is taught as a foreign, second, professional or academic language.

3. How do I apply to the program?
Applications are submitted online with supplemental documents.

4. Is prior teaching experience required?
While not mandatory, prior teaching experience is desirable.

5. What are the admission requirements? All admission requirements are detailed on our website’s Admission requirements page. Your application will be deemed complete, and ready for review, once we have received your online application as well as all supplemental materials.

6. Is the program full-time or part-time? Can I apply for part-time study? The program is designed for both full-time and part-time participants; practising teachers may enroll on a part-time basis. For part-time participants, coursework can be completed in four semesters, followed by the thesis. Full-time participants generally finish the coursework in two semesters and the entire program in four semesters.

7. How demanding is the MA TEFL Program? Participants must balance graduate coursework with research and thesis writing.

8. Is financial assistance provided?
  • Graduate education constitutes a pivotal component in a research university. Since its inception, Bilkent University has committed significant scholarships and resources towards establishing an environment conducive to advanced study and research.
  • At present, all of our graduate students receive financial support, which is extended in the form of either a tuition waiver, or a tuition waiver in addition to a monthly stipend. Currently, ALL of our students are on scholarship.
  • We highly value academic accomplishment and scholarly promise; we, therefore, offer admission and financial assistance to those who exhibit these qualities.

9. Could you provide more information about the selection process?
The selection process is composed of several phases.
  • In the first phase all applications are screened to check if the applicants meet the minimum academic threshold as indicated in the entry requirements.
  • The ones who are shortlisted progress to the next phase, which includes a thorough review of supplemental materials. This phase may also include an interview process (i.e. conversational) and/or written examination.
  • Once review of the application file is completed, the candidates concerned are notified initially. The final phase includes the official approval of the university.

10. Are all applicants invited for an interview? If so, what exactly does the interview phase involve? Shortlisted applicants are usually invited for an interview.

11. How do you communicate the results? Only shortlisted candidates are notified via e-mail.

12. Do you accept late applications?
Every year we have two application cycles. If one is missed, it is possible to apply for the following cycle.

13. I’m a practising teacher. Are there any classes that I could attend late in the afternoon?
Most classes are held after 4.30 pm to accommodate practising teachers.

14. Are there any courses offered in the summer term?
There are non-departmental courses offered every summer.

15. Does TEFL program offer distance or online learning?
The program primarily offers face-to-face instruction, with limited online courses taught by part-time or visiting professors.

16. Is GRE required?
GRE scores are required for international applicants.

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